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Japan: 2014/02/06-2014/02/16 (TBA)

Japan: 2013/01/18-2013/01/24

Malaysia: 2012/09

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new reviews coming soon (:
ヒメコの旅日記 - 東京第六と七日「第22章」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Tokyo Day Six & Seven [Chapter 22]
After almost 2 years, I've finally finished my first Japan trip entry.
*cue jeers*


I know, I took so long.
Now that we are already in 2015, I'm aiming to get 2014's Jap trip up then Korea trip.
I'm going to be in Japan this year during winter again!
Flying on the 3rd of Feb, will be there on the 4th to 16th, back in Singapore at night around 9pm on the 16th!

This time, I will not be travelling too far.
The last two trips, I wanted to make good use of my JR Islandwide pass so I tried to squeeze so much stuff and I always end up falling sick within the first few days, mainly due to the harsh weather and that my body cannot adapt well. Therefore, with my body being so weak, I still tried to stress myself out and over pack my activities. Kind of a huge bummer that I cannot fully enjoy the rest of my trip after that due to fever =/ (Yes, happened for both my Japan trips, arghh!) I guess I only have my lousy immunity to blame.

On that note, my day 6 & 7 does not have much pictures because on day 6, I was quite sick so I only went out in the early afternoon, bought some stuff and walked around a little before returning to the hotel to rest. On the 7th, my flight was in the evening so I only had some time in the morning to do some stuff before heading back to the hotel to pack and set off to Haneda.

My day 6 started pretty late, probably around 12noon.
I was sleeping in and intended to do so the whole day because I was feeling horrible.
However, the hotel I was staying at required me to be away from the room between 12-3pm as they needed to clean up. I decided to head down to Ueno's Ameyoko-cho to look for kit kats!
During my first trip, I was obsessed with collecting a variety of kit kats (laughs)
Looking back, I barely ate even 1/3 of the kit kats, gave most of them away a little here and there.
Upon arrival at Ueno station, I asked the station master for directions to Ameyoko-cho.

I thought I was near the shop stated in one of the websites I found while looking for information about the kit-kats when I saw this sign but I was wrong! I still had a bit more walking to do...

Then I was at the middle of a split road. What? The station master did not mention anything about that!
So I approached the lady outside this shop for directions and she was very nice! Kept repeating how to get there to me and adding a little more information each time (laughs)

Following the kind lady's directions, I finally saw the right sign!

Unfortunately, I did not find anything at that shop! I guess the information was outdated.
If you are a long time reader of my blog, you might have seen this post that I did 2 years ago when I got the kit kats and shared some stuff I know about them. Lucky for me, I got almost all the Kit Kats available at that time from this shop in Tokyo Station called Shokoku Gotouchi Plaza (諸国 ご当地プラザ)

Though I was disappointed at that time, I thought that I should just make the best of the situation since I was already out. Also, the hotel will only finish their cleaning at around 3pm so it was still too early for me to go back... (laughs) So I went for a little walk in the park~ Since it was winter, the trees were all naked but I'm sure it will be super pretty when it's spring with all the cherry blossoms!

Random aimless walking~

I even found the Ueno Zoo! However, since I was alone, I was not in the mood to visit.

Instead, I went to where two cafes are right in the middle of the park! One of them is Park Side Cafe 

Another one, also the one I went to, is...

That's right! My undying love for Starbucks. Also, because I want to get the Tokyo edition of Starbucks card (laughs) the cafe was very crowded, so I had to sit outside~

I had not eaten my lunch yet so I ordered some bagels with my Brownie Frap (or something like that... it was a Valentine's day special!)

Even the birds look so cute with their winter coat!


That's all for day 6!
After my stroll and so called lunch, I went back to the hotel to rest. 

I only left the hotel again in the evening to get Mos Burger near my hotel and also bought a bag (laughs)
Samantha Thavasa is so cheap in Japan! With the sale, it's like a crime not to buy please!

Day 7:
The day I was bound to return to Singapore!
Since my flight was in the evening, I got up early and went to Akiba in the morning.
I know that we should always exit and go to the electronic side but since I had time and was alone, I felt a little adventurous and decided to venture the other side.
I was SO wrong. There was absolutely nothing there. Just OLs and Salarymen going to work (laughs)
I shall skip that and just start from after walking one big round and landed in front of Yodobashi

Again, I do not know much about this place and was not into anime (I wasn't into One Piece yet at that time so I was not interested in looking at any figurines)
Therefore, I only have a bunch of pictures that I took while roaming around to look for Gundam Cafe.

Well, they are pretty open about what they are offering... (laughs)

Pachinko everywhere...

I even came across a huge Donki! I did not go in that time but I went in to take PuriKura one year later (which was last year) with Tsuriki!

The worship ground (or rather, town) of AKB48.

I finally found my Gundam Cafe!

Unfortunately, the menu was not to my liking and the only milk tea I ordered from there was so bland and not worth mentioning about at all.

I did not get anything from my trip to Akiba.
Felt like I wasted my time going there and spending the last few hours I had before I flew back.
I did not even have any time to eat before I left for the airport so I had to settle for ramen. The ironic thing is that I did not have any ramen during my 7 day trip in Japan though I was in the land of ramen (laughs)

YES. I did it!
I finished the post 2 years late but I did it!

Okay, now to work on my Japan trip from last year.... 
I shall end with some instagram pictures of my Kit Kats!


ヒメコの旅日記 - 東京第五日「第21章」/ Himeko's Travel Diary - Tokyo Day Five [Chapter 21]
Hello people!
I've been saying I want to change my way of blogging my travelogues back to pictures and words instead of collages but never got to doing it because I was very stubborn about wanting to complete what I started but I am sooooo busy and never seem to have the hours to sit down and dedicate my time to doing it. I've finally given up on being so stubborn and managed to bring myself to it because I will be going back Japan again next Feb! Yes, going back for my yearly Feb Winter Japan trip! If I don't stop being stubborn, I will never ever get to doing anything at all! I can't wait to return to Disneyland and Disneysea and take lots more pictures! I will be going Disneysea with Tsuriki during my next trip too, sooooooo excited! The last time we met in Feb earlier this year, we went Shibuya for some shopping and then Akihabara to buy her camera and Neoprints. Okay, I'm digressing too far! Thinking about all that and how I will be dying to share when I get back, I "let it go" and got to doing it. It's like liberation! I managed to complete the remaining of my 2013 February Japan trip photos in just one day (although there weren't that much left)! I can finally get to this this year's Feb Japan trip and Korea trip after this! 
Today's post will be about my first trip ever to Disneyland!

I didn't bring my camera for the first part of the trip here because it was raining.
Part of the reason why we decided to go was because it was raining that day, which means less people will go!
Usually you will require one whole day to clear all the rides in the part but Karmun and I only took half a day (around 3~4pm we were already done!) so I will say it was a great decision!

I have quite a lot of pictures of many different mascots but I will only show those that are more popular/ I like.
This duck is so cute! Nobody wanted to take pictures with him so he started banging the wall (laughs)
After that, children started queueing up for a photo with him!

Popular Daisy duck

Pluto! (I still don't know why is pluto a dog on all fours while goofy is not)

Goofy trying to play peek a boo but he is kinda bigger than the pole... (laughs)

The wildly popular Mickey Mouse.
The queue to take a photo with him is even longer than some rides!

The villains whom no one wanted to take pictures with (laughs)
The little kid is so cute to approach them when they acted upset~

SEE! This is why you need to go with a group of friends.
You can do silly things like this!

I don't know who that wolf is... But they were entertaining the crowd so I took a picture.

The cute pigs! I made a collage in the order of the story~ Straw, sticks and brick house!

I didn't take much of the surroundings but all the store displays were so pretty!

The castle~

A statue of Walt Disney and his fine creation, Mickey Mouse.

They had these pretty artwork lined up in the order of the story of Cinderella
The horrible stepmother and poor Cinderella sweeping

Appearance of her fairy godmother

Cinderella running from the ball because time is up and everything's gonna revert back!

The prince found her!

Prince returning with Cinderella, yay!

The cute seven little dwarfs! They were chasing each other and dancing around, super cute!!

Stitch and Angel looks kinda weird to me...

The 3 cute aliens! They really need mascots too!

I have been maintaining in this post with no selfie so far so allow me to spam some while I was waiting for my delicious waffles! (Thanks to Karmun who went to queue and buy them!)

Her brown sugar waffle (with something else that I can't remember 'cos it's too long ago >.<)

Mine is chocolate, as usual!

I loved this picture but her photobomb ):

I guess I will settle for this!

Best part is that it tasted as amazing as it looked!

After that, we went to sit by the track where the evening parade was going to commence on.
I had a video but it is not clear so I decided to share some pictures.
They look so much prettier in real life, my pictures don't do any justice (cries)
Anyway, below are just lotsa pic spams of the parade!
I tried to cut down by a lot but it still end up with a lot (laughs)

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (who I didn't capture earlier)

Alice on her Cheshire Cat

This innocent looking dragon...

Breathes fire! (in this case, I guess it is just fuming, no pun intended)

Snow White!

Peter Pan and the crew!
I couldn't capture the handsome face of the guy dressed up as Peter Pan T.T
He looks soooooo good looking!

What's this? 


Dimming the lights...

To change the Genie into another color!

So gloriously pretty I can't even...

Aladdin and Jasmine

See how meticulous they are with the details?

Winnie the Pooh!

How can we forget about Toy Story?

Nemo! (So sad that they don't have Dory with it)

Well, if you count the really tiny and non flashy ones with the turtle

I didn't catch the front of Sully and Mike because I was trying to soak in the awesomeness as well as take photos at the same time that I eventually fell behind time =/

But I still managed to catch the cute Boo!

Cinderella, one of my favourite princess!

See how her dress changed! Using lights is such a brilliant idea!

The prince is so funny! He was busy turning left and right showing off the glass slippers!

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck's love train!

Okay, maybe it's no a love train because there are other people on it.

Mad kawaii pigs! 

Do you know them?

Chip and Dale! I used to watch them a lot when I was young!

Can you see Stitch?

The last one was Marie from the Aristocat!

That's the end of the whole parade~
It lasted quite long but I was never bored!
Usually there will be fireworks after the parade but there wasn't that night ):
Sad! We were looking forward to seeing the fireworks over the beautiful castle!
But overall, it was a magical experience!

To be honest, the rides in Disneyland are really kiddy.
It's really a place to let your inner child run wild.
So don't expect any thrilling rides; they are mostly (or rather, all of them I think) slow and mild rides.
I know that there are some characters that kids these day don't even know!
How sad is that?!
It's still a long way before I blog about my DisneySea trip earlier this year but Disneysea is definitely a place for the older crowd to get tons of fun from the rides.
Next post will be up in either a day or two.
I will be combining the last few days of my Tokyo stay because I didn't take much photos in Tokyo since there really isn't any fancy or sightseeing places in Tokyo - just buildings everywhere.
Till next time!

[Sponsored] Purevivi Cleansing Lotion: 4-in-1 Micellar Water Makeup Remover Review
Hey lovelies!
I'm back with a review after soooooooooooo long!
I've been really busy with my life, being my last year in school as well as juggling two jobs at the moment.
Therefore, despite having so much to share, I couldn't make time =/
However, when I was approached to do a review for Purevivi's new Cleansing Lotion, I thought I had to take it up and make time to share my thoughts because this is a makeup remover, which is something that I use very often.

I'm sure I have said before that I use Bioderma in my instagram/twitter before but one of the thing that I feel kinda "ughh" about whenever I have to repurchase is the price. Thus when I heard about Purevivi, which is also a micellar water except that it is only SGD$19.90 and made in Japan, I HAD to give it a go.

My "Is it really that good yet that affordable?" face

Before I jump into the review, here's some things you should know.
Purevivi Cleansing Lotion is a 4-in-1 micellar water makeup remover which:
  • Dissolves makeup
  • Cleanses your face
  • Soothes your skin
  • Moisturizes your skin

As aforementioned, it is priced at just SGD$19.90 for a generous 500ml bottle.
Sounds too good to be true? I'm not close to being done!

The product has 5 key attributes, namely:
  • Effectiveness - Dissolves makeup quickly
  • Clarity - Leaves skin feeling matt
  • Freshness - Gives a feeling of freshness
  • Texture - As gentle and light as water
  • Made in Japan - Adheres to quality standard

It contains nine moisturizing natural fruit and plant extracts - Grapfruit, Lemon, Jujube, Apple, Orange, Lime, Cox Seed, Crataegus Cuneata and Aloe

It also has 6 Nos

They are:

My, can you believe it?
So much awesome stuff in one bottle!
Best of all, it is so easy to use!
For the sake of experimenting the efficency of the product, I intentionally put on heavy makeup.
I am only going to remove the makeup on the right side of my face to show you the difference!

All you have to do is purchase a bottle (the color looks murky here 'cos I have yet to unwrap)

Unwrap and prepare your cotton pad

Open it up

Smell it - no wait, that's just my weird habit.

Get some of the product on your cotton pad

I usually place it over for about 5 seconds for my eyes before swiping as I tend to have more stuff on my eyes than other parts of my face. Otherwise, I just swipe it off like that.

Tada! Just one swipe after 5 seconds and you can see that all my eyeshadow and most of my eyeliner is gone! The eyeliner left is where I tightlined, where I have to lift my lids a little to get it cleaned.

After my eyes, I proceed to the rest of my face.
I only used two cotton pads for half my face - 1 for my eyes and 1 for the other half of my face and lips.

If you got scared by the above picture, please remember I look like this when I go out and I am not scary

Jokes aside, I definitely see myself repurchasing another bottle after I am done because it is SO much more affordable and does the exact same thing! Sometimes after a long day out, I crash immediately instead of going to cleanse my face again with a cleanser because I am just too tired so I am really thankful that this product helps to moisturize my face after the makeup has been dissolved and removed. It works great and does a good job at the aftercare too - I cannot imagine how many pimples will surface the next day if not for this (since I get K.O-ed pretty often these days)!

So I guess what I'm trying to say is...
Go get a bottle today from selected watsons outlets and don't forget to follow on instagram them at purevivisg!

Binbo Bimbo Episode 06
Yay, part 2 has been uploaded by Tsuriki when she got back!
Anyway, here's the video!
I have some reviews coming up as well as a lot of 3CE lippies swatches.
I'm thinking if I should do all the 3CE lipstick reviews as 1 review with all the different colour swatches or rate them separately... What do you guys think/prefer?

Binbo Bimbo Episode 05
I haven't been updating again because I have been very busy with my P3&4 tutees' examinations after the PSLE tutees were done. However, I did manage to meet up with Tsuriki yesterday at her place and we filmed a video together! Being very efficient, she edited and uploaded it the very night! (i ought to dig a hole and hide in shame) Also, we managed to recover our joint youtube account and thus uploaded the video there. I will upload the previous ramune video we did together there tonight too for consistency purposes. Otherwise, enjoy the part 1 of our episode 5 here!

[Review] Magic Touch Face Maker by 3 Concept Eyes in Pink
My review today will be on another product from 3CE.
I was hestitating whether to get this because I have quite a number of highlighters already.
But since I only have 1 shading powder (from Melliesh), I decided to give this a go for the sake of the shading powder.

Introducing the Magic Touch Face Maker from 3 Concept Eyes in Pink

I don't know why but the pink one looks kinda beige in real life. I was expecting it to be of a light pink shade.

Thin and Compact. I can save a lot of space with this instead of lugging around 2 compacts separately.

Here's a picture of the swatch near my wrist. I tweaked the lighting in this picture to best show the true colour of the product in real life.

3 Concept Eyes [3CE] by Stylenanda Magic Touch Face Maker in Pink:

Product Weight: 11g

Product Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Titanium Dioxide (Cl 77891), Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Nylon-12, Silica, Magnesium Myristate, Magnesium Stearate, Caprylic/Caric Triglyceride, Dimethiconol Stearate, , Dimethicone, Methicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tin Oxide (Cl 77861), Methylparaben, Propylparaben,Yellow 5 Lake (Cl 19140), Red 30 (Cl73360), Iron Oxides (Cl 77491)

Packaging: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡ 9/10 
As of all other 3CE products, this is also clad in black with the logo and words in white, keeping the exterior simple and chic. It is relatively thin and the fact that it contains 2 types of products in one compact justifies the bigger diameter overall.

Color Payoff: ♥♥♥♥♡♡♡ 7/10 - Highlighter / ♥♥♥♥♡ 9/10 - Shading Powder
The color payoff the the highlighter in this compact is slightly less compared to the previous 3CE highlighter that I reviewed on. However, this can actually be a plus point as some people tend to overdo their highlighting, perhaps because they are not very good with applying it with a light hand. As for the shading powder, I have to say that I am extremely happy with the shade! It looks kind of dark in the picture as well as in real life but it is actually pretty light when applied on my face! I have always lamented about how the Melliesh one (linked to review, yes I do understand the links to the pictures are broken, will get new shots taken and re-up them asap!) that I have is a little dark and takes some blending out to tone the shade down but this is of the perfect shade and I don't have to spend extra time brushing the sides of my nose!

Texture: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡ 8/10
Very smooth when I swiped it with my index finger. I did not notice any fallouts when using my finger but did see some when I use a brush with tightly packed bristles, which I believe is inevitable.  

Blendability: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡ 8/10
It is easy to blend the product and since it is of a light shade, I recommend doing this with a light hand so as to not overblend.

Lasting Power: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡ 7/10
The lighter shade seemed to also mean less longevity in terms of staying power. It probably stayed around 4-5 hours before I had to touch up.

Availability: ♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡ 4/10
As with my other newer cosmetics from Korea, I bought them during my trip there. I believe they do not have an official offline store in Singapore (I'm not sure if I.T Singapore brought them in together with Stylenanda's clothing line). However, there are quite a few online stores selling it but once again, do be very careful when buying online. Do not look for a cheap deal and expect an authentic product. You can see the prices in Stylenanda's official website. Anything below is most likely not going to be authentic, no matter how real the pictures look (Remember, they can be stock photos or photos taken elsewhere!)

Price: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 10/10
Like their highlighter, this is as affordable and may I say that it is actually more worth it too? I bought this at only 13,900 won and for a product which has both highlighter and contouring powder, it is definitely a steal. Now, if only they can lower the prices of their lip products too...

Repurchase: Yes! At this price point and how efficient it has proven, I am actually looking to get the beige one too!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

I really liked this and it definitely would have gotten a 9 or 9.5 if the staying powder of the product performed better.

My next review will likely be another 3CE product, most likely their lipstick?


[Sponsored] Go Natural with Pinkicon!
Hello loves!
I promised I will do a post soon and I was actually intending to get this up yesterday but I was way too tired from school and work that I slept from the time I got home around 6.30pm till the next morning around 4am! I can't even believe it myself (laughs)

Around Mid-September, I received two pairs of contact lenses from Pinkicon.
I did a review for them last year too, you can view it here.
This time, they sent me:

1. Fairy Con in Natural Black [Daily Lenses] 

2. Venus Eyes in Mega Candy Brown [Daily Lenses]

I chose these two because I have been wearing very natural looking lenses nowadays so I don't look too out of place when I go out without makeup (which is very often these days...) I want to do a more natural looking makeup sometimes and 15mm lenses just make the look seem out of place sometimes since my eyes are very small. Also, I have never tried daily lenses before so I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to give these a shot.

Let's look at Fairy Con first:

Fairy Con is just 14.2mm in diameter, which only provides slight enlargement when worn. For girls looking for lenses that do not make your eyes look way too dolly big, this is a great pair to go with. 

In the picture above, I did edit it to make my eyes bigger overall but I retained the original size of the lenses on my eyes. As you can see, the enlargement of my iris is very slight, just a small enhancement to retain the natural look. A better comparison picture is the one below, whereby my right eye(left of picture) has the lens on while my left eye (right of picture) has no contact lens on.

I had expectations of the daily lenses to be more comfortable and I am glad to say I had zero discomfort with this pair of lens throughout a whole day of use. Also, I can just throw them away and not go throught the trouble of washing and soaking them! I always forget to bring my lens solution to the sink when I want to cleanse my face so I always have to make two trips from my room which irritates me to no end. With this, I can just remove, throw and proceed to wash my face!

It comes in a box of 10/ 5 pairs at just USD18.67!

Next, let's look at Venus Eyes:

I got this design because it's quite nostalgic for me. This design is one of the earlier type I wore when I just started wearing lenses.

This one is slightly bigger than the Fairy Con one, but still not over-the-top. 

Without gyaru makeup, it does look a little out of place even though it is does not provide great enlargement to the iris. I suggest using this pair at least a pair of false upper eyelashes to balance out your eye makeup as this pair really makes your eyes pop. At a diameter of 14.5mm, it stays comfortable in my eyes for the whole day; say bye to tired eyes after 3-4 hours. If you realise you feel your eyes getting tired easily on certain days, it could actually be due to your contact lens being too drying too. With this, no worries about such problems!

This pair cost USD$39.73 for a box of 20/10 pairs!

Thanks to Pinkicon, I realised that it's so much more convenient to bring daily lenses along when I travel instead of lugging along a bottle of solution and having to clean and soak the lenses after a long day. I mean, we all tire outselves out during a holiday and the last thing we want to do is clean up when we get back to the hotel, right? I have to confess that sometimes, I am soooo beat from a day of shopping that I do not take much effort to clean my lenses properly when I return to my hotel, which is so bad for my eyes! I always thought that it is more economical to get monthly/quarterly/yearly lenses because they last so much longer and is comparatively cheaper but now I finally understand why people still purchase daily lenses - just throw away after use and you are ready to wash your face and sleep, save so much more time!

I definitely see myself stocking up on boxes of daily lenses in the near future for travel use! We can bear to spend so much money on air ticket and hotels plus stash aside another sum of money for shopping/ delicious food so why not spend a tiny bit more to ensure better health of our eyes and even greater convenience?

Stay beautiful and healthy everyone!


[Event] THEFACESHOP 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration

I'm sorry for MIA-ing again.
I was on such a good momentum in July then everything went down again in August and September because the bunch of Primary 6 kids I was giving tuition to were having their PSLE that month and I had to do a lot more extra lessons with them which ended up in me having no time for myself at all. On top of that, school has started for me, which means more stress and I need time to re-adjust back to my schedule.
However, I am currently not taking so many tutees at the moment and armed with N's Alienware, I get to edit my photos and videos much smoother now so I'm hoping to jump back into blogging again!
I have like a gazillion products I have yet to review that I hoarded in the last few months from Korea.
Do follow my Instagram as I usually update there once I get my hands on my new splurges.
Talking about video, I have yet to even do a haul video for my Japan trip back in Feb (OMG) and Korea trip back in June (double OMG)

Oh yes, I will be ending my Japan trip post from last year very soon (IKR, last year wtf am I doing?!) as my days in Tokyo last year weren't all that exciting. After last year's trip is wrapped up, I will be talking about this year's trips in a different format - Part 1 & so on instead of Day because I think it's easier that way and also some days I really did not do much/ take any photos.

Okay, I'm digressing too much.
Everytime I blog, I feel like I have so so so much to share but my motivation to edit and crop all the pictures are down in the abyss once I close my browser. Anyway, Today's post is to share with you guys my recent attendance for...

The Face Shop 1st Million Special Anniversary Celebration!
The celebration was for products from their award winning Raspberry Roots range that has sold over 1 Million pieces to date! I think I must be living under the rock because I actually didn't know about it and really wish I had sooner (I will tell you why later)

I mean, 1 million pieces is very impressive! Congratulations to The Face Shop for this milestone!

The event was held last weekend at 1-Altitude.

I was there with Kiyora and Karmun (my plus one for the day, very thankful that they allowed me to bring Karmun along with such short notice!)

Talk about one hell of a view! I have acrophobia so being at like level 2 is already very scary for me (my close friends will know how extreme my fear is) but when I was all the way up at level 61, I could not help but want to get a good look at the amazing landscape in front of me! (while going "OMG, so scary" like every few seconds)

We were gushing about how we can even see the whole MBS and how much smaller MBS looked! 

The place was very classy and the ambience was great!  the drink they were serving (unfortunately I forgot to take a snap but you can see a cup on our table in the foreground) was some sort of raspberry concoction which tasted awesome (I love berries). 

There was a mini contest held which involved making our own sign. Sadly, there is absolutely no artistic side of me at all so I did not participate to save myself the embarassment (laughs)

They will even print photos when we tag ourselves with #thefaceshopraspberryroots

Many people took pictures with their friends at the event and of course I couldn't miss out the opportunity too!

Took one with Kiyora! (Karmun is very camera shy)

They even have Ice Cream available!

Lo and behold, the new ambassador for The Face Shop is the incredibly popular Kim Soo Hyun! (I first noticed him in Dream High was felt his acting was very impressive!) The Face Shop really know how to capture attention of the ladies - I mean who can miss a dashing Kim Soo Hyun looking at you?!

Soon, the night fell and what do you know, the view got even more amazing!

At the same time, the very lovely ladies started to give us a short presentation to give us some insight into the products from the range.

All the very attentive and attractive ladies!

In case you think I haven't been paying attention and just spam photos, I did okay! In fact, I was quite surprised to know that their depuffing gel from the series was actually an idea from the Singapore office! Singapore branches received feedback from customers and gathered that we would really love an eye gel for ease of use and portability so the management team here gave the feedback to Korea and that's when the Depuffing Eye Gel was born!

They has some games (something like Pictionary) and a lucky draw (a bottle of Moet!!) which I did not participate in (stage fright) nor won (not that lucky) but congrats to all the winners!

Oh yes, We were all given with a goodies' bag at the start of the event.

Everything packed nicely in a box instead of just thrown into the bag - thumbs up for that!

My favourite thing about products coming in a box is that I get to unveil the box! (cheap thrills, I know!)

I see more boxes in the box!

Let's talk about the Sleeping Mask first!

I was extremely excited to try this on because I have been wanting to try the Laneige's one for the longest time BUT I heard that some people with sensitive skin had problems with it as the product was too rich for them. Being the worrywort I have always been, I was afraid I might be one of the unlucky few so I held myself back from buying it everytime I pass by the counter. However, I was very intrigued by the one from the Raspberry Roots range since it was made from Raspberry, one of the few fruits I love. Without hesitation, I slapped this on right after I got back from the event despite having lived under a rock and only heard of it on the evening itself.

The product dispense is a viscous gel which is kinda translucent white. The pump head look so cute please!

My verdict?
The product gets absorbed very quickly without leaving a heavy feeling on my skin. I have always struggled with sleeping in an air-conditioned room because no matter what I do, I always end up waking up with a very dry and tight face (insufficient moisturizing) or new breakouts (too moisturizing that I break out). This product actually falls in the balance between those two, giving me just the right amount of moisturizing I need without breaking me out. You have no idea how excited I was when I woke up the next morning with fresh and supple feeling skin and kept gushing to N about how great it is to finally be able to sleep in with the air-con without worrying about my face drying out! Definitely will repurchase this on my own again! Really slept my way to beautiful skin the next morning!

Next, they had a small special kit which included a travel size version of the sleeping mask (YES! I CAN BRING THIS WHEN I GO BACK TO JAPAN/ KOREA DURING WINTER!) and the depuffing gel as well as a pair of collagen eye patch.

I have yet to try the collagen mask but for the depuffing gel, while I do see a difference in the puffiness of my eyes the next morning when I wake up, I will have to use it for a longer period to see how it works out in the longer run.

I'm hoping these products can help me sleep my way to beautiful skin!
With that, I shall end my post here~
Once again, highly recommend the sleeping mask to you guys!

Look forward to talking to you guys very soon again! I am currently drafting another post with all pictures edited and ready to be inserted so it will not be too long a wait for sure! In the meantime, stay beautiful everyone!


[Sponsored] Introduction to LB Cosmetics 「エルビー」and Reviews
Hello sweets!
I am back today to introduce a brand that just landed here in Singapore last month!
That's right, as you can see from my title, I'm talking about LB Cosmetics!

LB cosmetics brings you affordable high quality eco-friendly cosmetics to the mass market. Products are well made in Korea, keeping up with the market trend. Prices range from S$16.90 to S$29.90. LB symbolizes LadyBird, the European culture beliefs, Ladybird brings blessing and luck. When a Ladybird lands on you, it symbolizes “HAPPINESS, dream comes true” A Dream Comes True, bringing HAPPINESS by the magical touch of LB cosmetics and debut the true beauty within you. LB cosmetics wide range of variety, complete your daily makeup need. A total of 63 products, you'll be spoilt for choice!

LB Cosmetics is a relatively new brand even in Japan. I'm glad that it is available here in Singapore so quickly! Best of all, it is being endorsed by one of my favourite model, Lena Fujii! I remember seeing her on the ViVi cover and that was what that attracted me to grab a copy of the expensive magazine (laughs) You can't blame me - she looks like a goddess! 

M.O.S.S (S) Pte Ltd sent me some products from LB [and one box of their "Heroine Eye" lash from Diamond Lash's latest Nudy Couture Series]

Excitedly, I put on all these to give the products a try!

I'm only going to focus on the LB products for this post today.

They sent me 3 products from LB, namely:
LB Sheer Matte Mineral Pact UV  [SGD $29.90]

Super cute packaging, right?! The astronaut bunny is sooo cute!

Made in Korea~

I got the shade in Natural Ocre

It fits my skin tone perfectly!

I'm actually using all the products in my look for this post.

I am SUPER in love with this foundation! I didn't expect a mineral foundation to have such great coverage. The finish is so smooth and natural looking! It has SPF25/PA++, which may not be very high but is great for when I go give tuition since I will be indoors most of the time but want to look less "dead" so I won't scare others on the street (laughs) This gets a 9/10 from me!
Next, I will be talking about the LB Jewel Shine Rouge [SGD $19.90]

See the cute Ladybird!

Love the polka dot packaging which is just like how the ladybird looks!

That's right, made in Korea again!

My pretty lipstick in the shade Diamond Pink

Closeup of the lipstick

Swatch on my hand

So, my take on this?

LOVE IT TOO. Upon seeing the swatch being so sheer on my hands, I was kinda bumped out because I have been into bright, vibrant colors lately. However, upon putting it on my lips, it made my lips look so naturally pink and dolly! Best of all, it was super moisturizing! I had this on for hours and my lips still felt very moist - as if I had just put on lip balm! 9/10 for me again!

LB Creamy Waterproof Gel Pencil [SGD $16.90]

Kawaii bunny again!

I was sent the pretty pink one, which was a pleasant surprised since I am really into pinks/nudes for my eyes these days.

Of course, made in Korea as of other LB cosmetics

The sharperner is attached to the end of the gel pencil, which seems to be a trend these days.

Swatch of the best selling product from LB cosmetics

My review?

Once again, LOVE IT SO MUCH! It is waterproof and extremely smudgeproof! About a minute after application, it felt like a thin film on my hand. I tried rubbing it really hard to test if it will come off and it didn't! Performed exceptionally well; a lot better than what I had expected actually! This is definitely one of my favourite eyeliner ever! 9.5/10 for this!

I will review the eyelash another time as it is a different brand. 
Overall, I am really pleasantly surprised by all the products I was sent! I didn't expect I will come to love every one of them so much! I actually hope to try more of their products, especially the other type of lipstick, lip lacquer, gradient blush pact and more gel pencil!

These products are available exclusively in Watsons. Do check them out, you will not regret it!
Remember to give LB Cosmetics Singapore Facebook Page a like for the latest news and updates!


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